Sunday, 24 March 2013

Nurul Izzah Hits Out At Police Again

Don't focus at the red circle
"Mana tumpahnya kuah, kalau tidak ke nasi!!!" (Like Father Like Son) That is the saying by Malays to describe the similarities in character between father and his child. For example, if the father is a liar, robber, gangster, sodomite, adulterer etc. (not pointing to anyone), some of that might just be 'inherited' to his child.

And such saying has proven to be right if we are to compare similarities between Anwar and his beloved daughter. This is because, those two, often like to violate the rights and freedom of speech which is given to them by being rude and insulting.

As one of the Vice President to the 'Family Members Party' which is known as PKR, Nurul Izzah once again showed how rude she is in one of her recent ceramah.

Giving her ceramah at Kampung Jemapoh, Kuala Pilah on March 20, Nurul Izzah made a statement saying that the police in this country do not have anything better to do other than spying leaders of the opposition coalition.

Or in other words, she says that the armed intrusion led by Kiram in Sabah was caused by carelessness of police for being too busy spying Anwar's whereabouts that they failed to guard our waters.

The opposition, PKR especially, kept on trying to grab rakyat's attention instead of focusing on the bloody tragedy which has taken the life of 10 national heroes.

Drama, conspiracy, the death of security officers were not of martyrdom and dozens of other stupid statements were made, all to insult and ruin the integrity of the force.

However, as she realize that she had made a mistake, she denied the statement, saying that it was twisted by the media. Fact is, all those who attended the ceramah, heard everything she said.

It seems that she is used to LYING. For example, obviously mane still remember the statement made by the Lembah Pantai MP once back when she wanted Malaysians to be given freedom in religion, including Muslim Malays.

When it receives negative response from majority rakyat, she then blamed the media and UMNO which she claim, tried to accuse her. But if we are too look at the statement, it is proven that Nurul Izzah's statement supports the idea of Pluralism (equality in religion).

This is why she is just as same as her father who often blame the media which only write news report based on the '5W-1H' journalism concept (who, what, where, when, where and how).

However, whenever news that are published do not go the way they want to, the term sue will be used as one of the methods to threaten media personnel.

Their strategy is easy, scare those reporters so that they would not make any reports. With that, the opposition's approach towards fooling the society with their accusation issue can still go on in their series of ceramah.

Conclusion is, if no news reports are published, Anwar and his goons can easily say, Umno/BN violated freedom of media by not making any coverage for opposition's programs.

But at the same time, whenever reporters try to seek the truth, they are threatened with legal actions.
The opposition's definition of 'Freedom of Media' sure is weird. Hopefully Malaysian can judge the bad agenda set by them.


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