Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Revolusi Cina : DAP Jangan Tipu Orang Johor

DAP's prediction of winning 15 parliamentary seats in the state is unrealistic

No way BN’s Johor fortress will fall
DAP dan Pakatan Rakyat guna perang psikologi kepada pengundi Johor bahawa Pembangkang boleh memecahbelahkan penguasaan politik BN Johor.
Walau WZWH blogger Jerantut Pahang namun WZWH terpanggil memberi pendapat atas locus standi dulu nenek moyang WZWH telah memerintah Johor sejak Sultan Mahmud mangkat dijulang pada 1699.
WZWH adalah keturunan Melayu Johor di Pahang. Bagi mengambarkan sejarah Johor dan hubungan masa kini WZWH telah menulis 2 posting:

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Johor’s Chinese community in the past was invited by the Sultan of Johor in the late 1800s, to join trade activities and commerce in the state.
They [Johor Chinese community] were not brought into the state by the British, which differs from other areas in the country. This explains their sense of belonging in Johor.
The Johor Chinese community, also integrated with the lives of locals there, making them more unique than their counterparts in other states.
The DAP and Pakatan have insulted the Johor Chinese community by pushing aside their unique attitude and mentality.
The political tsunami of the 12th general election which saw Chinese voters turn to the opposition had disappeared, following hard work from the BN government leadership.
DAP, which now considered itself the “taiko” of the opposition coalition, could no longer depend on expectations that the 2008 political tsunami would continue.
Times have changed [compared to 2008] and BN in Johor will not be static, but instead, change its ways and approach.
These [Johor BN's efforts] began four years ago, and because of this, BN Johor are ready to face the general election.
The 2008 political tsunami has ended and the success of BN in flooding the state with investments, as well as economic opportunities, would attract the support of the Johor Chinese voters in the 13th general election.
Pemimpin-pemimpin hebat UMNO dan MCA majoriti adalah dari Johor so to speak.


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